Couch Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Ultimate Clash is here!

The Super Smash Bros. series has been rocking Nintendo systems since 1999. The latest installment released this past December and has consumed dozen and dozen of gamer’s time. This latest game brings together every past fighters from all the games including brand new characters all in one game. Is this lastest smash’em up worth the hype? Lets go a few rounds and find out.



This section going to be shorter than usual since a story is a not a big part of Smash. There is not much to say concerning a story about a party style fighting game but Smash Ultimate does have its own little adventure style mode called “World of Light”. The plot revolves around an antagonist named Galeem who has defeated own smashing heroes like Mario and Link and turned to them into evil versions of themselves, leaving only the pink puff ball Kirby to go save all of his friends. Journey to different lands and defeat different foes all leading to a showdown against Galeem for the sake of the world!

One lone Puff Ball Vs. The World


The main appeal I have felt about Smash is the simplicity of its gameplay. Its style is a called a platform fighter where the goal of the game is to “smash” your opponents off the screen. This is done by attacking the opponent, thus increasing the percentage gauge at the bottom of the screen. The bigger the percent, the easier it is to smash your opponent. Players can choose from a variety of different fighters from Nintendo’s line of games with some classic characters like Mr. Game and Watch to even outside companies’ characters like Megaman. With these characters, you are able to fighter on huge assortment of stages, all based on their games. Stages like Peach’s Castle, Great Plateau from Zelda or the Fountain of Dreams from Kirby.


Controls are very simple here. You have a regular attack with the A button and a special attack with B. These attacks can be changed with the use of the directions on the control stick. Each fighter has their own unique attacks so experimenting with each character helps to find your favorites. My favorite characters in the game are Samus and Shulk so far. A big part about this game that adds to the fun is the music selection. Smash Ultimate has over 800 music tracks! That is a lot of music and Ultimate adds the ability to play a series’ music tracks on any stage that is part of that series. Before in other Smash games you were restricted in what songs played on what stage but now that rule is no more!

Plenty of Music

Smash Ultimate provides plenty of modes to have fun with. There is of course “Smash” which is the regular mode where up to 8 players can fight against each other in a regular smash, a stock smash with limited lives, or stamina which acts like a regular fighting with decreasing health bar. Other modes include “World of Light”, “Classic” mode where the player chooses a character and fights a different assortment of enemies until reaching a boss at the end. A new mode called “Squad Strike” where players are put into fights either on the same team or opposing teams. Another new mode is “Smashdown” where players pick a character for a fight but then have to pick a new character right after. You can also take the smashing fun online to play against players around the world. There is a lot of content here for the player to enjoy. Below is a video for some sample gameplay from the Youtube channel GameXplain

Fierce Bosses Appear!


Some negatives I have towards Smash Ultimate is towards its online mode. While compared to the games before in the series, online has been greatly improved. The navigation is more elaborated on. The mode allows for lobbies now with other players rather than just randomly selecting an opponent but that option is still selectable. That is great but the online connectivity is can still be really bad. Sometimes while in a lobby, the lobby is immediately disbanded due to connectivity errors and if I even get into a game the lag makes the match unplayable. Look if I am going to get my butt kicked I rather do it at a speed that is faster that a powerpoint slide show. The stability is something that Nintendo still needs to work on especially since they now are charging for their online service while the Wii and WiiU online was free.

Smash Across the World


While the online stability leaves something to be desired. I cannot ignore all the fun Smash Ultimate has been giving me for the last few months. There is so much content in this package to just ignore. If you have friends, you need to play this game with them. My friends and I have played Smash Bros. for hundreds of hours together as the multiplayer experience cannot be matched. If you have Nintendo Switch, please buy this game as the multi-player is the best so far on the system in my opinion. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch right now at most retailers. Comment down below on your thoughts of Smash Bros. What are your mains going to be? What are your favorite stages so far? Keep the conversation going.

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