Couch Review: Dead Cells

Hell in a cell

Dead Cells is an amazing Indie game created by MotionTwin released back in Summer of 2018 that caught my eye with its amazing visual style and tough but rewarding gameplay. But seeing is believing. Does this little title live up to its lovely style. Lets delve into a dungeon or two shall we?

Fight till the very end!


You are the Prisoner, a lone warrior that is actually just a glowing sphere for a head. The prisoner is left on an island prison and you got one job….survive. The prisoner has to find out what is going on in this place. And he has a special trick for his journey. A little thing known as immortality.

Beautiful and Mysterious

That is right, our friend here can’t die. With every death he comes back unchanged. What is changed though is the prison. With every death, the prison changes its layout leading to many mysteries and secrets for the prisoner to venture and find out. A simple yet very intriguing plot.


Dead Cells plays like a 2-D platformer with combat. Lightning fast combat at that. The prisoner is quick and nimble but so are the enemies he faces. Death comes quick in Dead Cells. You collect all sorts of items and weapons to take on any adversaries but that comes with a cost. The game plays off the rogue-like gameplay style. What this means those who don’t know is style where death takes away any progression you made through the game and sends you right back to the beginning area. A preview of gameplay can be seen above from GameSpot.

Fearsome Foes!

Now this sounds terrible but Dead Cells makes this style work really well due to the fun gameplay. The quickness of the Prisoner allows for traversal to be a breeze along with gratifying combat makes someone like me who usually steers away from rogue-like games to have a blast! The weapons you can collect are great fun, ranging from large broadswords to icy spells to even a bear trap for any unlucky enemy. There are also abilities and items to be acquired and saved on your character as you make your way through collecting cells that enemies drop.

Learn special abilities to proceed!


Probably the biggest things that will turn off players from this game is the difficulty. I was hesitant when I first started playing and I had my fair share of anger inducing moments Some enemies can pop right out of nowhere and and juggle your character around like a rag doll. This happens especially if you are in tight corridor. This game is a test of will and strategy at points and sometimes you feel like you did not have the chance to study.

One against Many

When talking about enemies, I have a problem with the introduction of some the bosses. Some of there positions in dungeons can feel random and their strategies to fight them can feel chaotic. Getting prepared for a fight with items and weapons can mean nothing if you are quickly killed in 2 hits by a much faster boss. Its all about learning through trial and error and I have to say if not for the really fun and tight gameplay, I would have stopped playing very quick.

Berserk Bosses!


Overall, the difficulty of Dead Cells never ruined its fun gameplay and in fact compelled me to play more and more. Its trial and error style of gameplay can feel disheartening at points but you slowly start to learn the ins and outs of the game and take advantage of everything the changing prison is giving you. If you are not afraid of a little death and challenge then Dead Cells might be the game for you! Dead Cells is available for Windows, MAC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. If have played Dead Cells, talk about your experience in the comments. If you haven’t are you going to check it out?

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