Couch Review: Smite


I am not a big online person when it comes to gaming. I usually preferred to stick to single-player centered games, but recently a little online game came back to my life. A little MOBA known as Smite, released back on Windows PCs back in 2014 but now released into BETA on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch release reinvigorated my interest in the game as I played it back on PS4 but got distracted by other games. Does Smite bring a unique fun to those that have never played a MOBA or should it just be left alone? Lets hop into the Arena and take on the Gods!

Huge roster of gods!


Hopping into gameplay right away since there is not much of story within Smite. Smite is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game where players take on each other using many different characters with varying play styles and techniques. The characters in this game are special in the case that they are gods and goddesses from many different pantheons. From Greek to Voodoo, we got many recognizable pantheons like Greek and Norse with some smaller pantheons like Polynesian. Smite, as of right now, has 99 different gods with the 100th coming soon.

Fight as a team!

The gods are placed into 5 different combat categories. They are Warrior, Hunter, Assassin, Guardian, and Mage. Warriors are more attack orientated while a Guardian takes the damage and protects other players. A Mage will stay further back and use different types of spells while an Assassin is more quick and trickier in their skills. Lastly a Hunter uses the range of a mage but boosts themselves for physical attacks. For me, I tend to go to Hunters and Mages since I like the range of attacks more then going straight into combat. For free players there are a selection of gods that are placed into free rotation which allows those that don’t want to spend money to experience new gods. Players are able to purchase gods through spending favor which is gained through playing matches. They can also purchase the Smite Ultimate God Pack which for $30 unlocks every god currently in the game along with any future gods.

Chaotic Coliseum

Smite has different modes for players to partake in. Arena is a coliseum mode where five players take on another five with the objective to send minions to the enemy base portal. Each side starts with 500 points with each minion taking out 1 point. These matches take about 15 to 20 minutes at least for me. Arena is my main mode since it does not take long to get into some God vs. God action. Another mode is Conquest which is five vs. five but this time is played more in the style of League of Legends with a three battlefield where the teams attempt to take out the enemies towers and phoenix in order to take their base. For those that like more strategy should like Conquest.

Take the base!

There are variants of Conquest. First is Joust which is three vs. three with one lane. Assault is five vs. five with one lane but this time, a player is picked a random god to use. Siege is four vs. four with a two lane map. Finally there is Clash which is meant to be a midway from Arena and Conquest as there are two lanes but the map is more condensed for combat in the middle. There is some problems I have towards unlocking some of these modes lets talk over some negatives. A preview of gameplay can be seen below straight from the developers of Smite, TitanForge Games.


When looking over modes of Smite, there is a good amount of variety for those that enjoy Conquest but there is a problem. To play Assault, Clash and Siege, a player must be account level 15. I feel this is a tad too high. I feel that a player might get bored of playing one mode and try to play another to just get blocked from entry because they have not played enough yet. Some people might not have time to play so many games to level up so this just seems unfair especially since there is no single player component of this game outside of playing against computers which do not increase your account level. To only have a few modes to start with in your multiplayer game does not make much sense to me.

Charge your enemy!

This is a free to play game so of course there is going to be micro transactions somewhere. In Smite there is gems which are used to purchase gods, new skins, avatars, etc. But there is also favor which is used for the same thing. Getting both of these through playing the game takes a long time as favor is gained through playing the game and gems can be randomly given through daily rewards. Gems are the main currency as many skins only take gems in exchange. Its a slow tedious process to get enough to just buy one skin so it. To go along with that many skins are exclusive to events and holidays so when that is over or you do not have enough gems to buy them, you are out of luck. In my eyes that is just not fair to new players that see these new skins only for there to be a prompt that says these skins will never be available gain.

Experience the fun on many systems!


Smite is a pretty addicting experience as the modes given are super fun to play in especially Arena. The wide range of different gods that allow for dozen of hours to be spent trying out each one. Smite is a great free to play game for those willing to put time into it. Its gameplay has many layers to it but it does allow for new players to get into easily. In my eyes, it is a really fun game with some simple issues that comes along with it being a free game. Smite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, MAC, and Nintendo Switch. For the Switch version the only way to access it right now is to buy the Ultimate God Pack as that version is in BETA but the free release will come later this month for those willing to wait. Have you played Smite? What is your favorite god? Is Smite your first MOBA? Comment down below and give your thoughts.

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